SAP Hana is an in-memory platform with number of capabilities such as advance analytic engine, database, application development and it also provides the improved application security. It is a platform that helps in accelerating the growth of one’s business process by delivering more business intelligence and simplifying the IT environment. The load of maintaining the separate legacy is eliminated by SAP Hana in order to make better business decisions.

 SAP Hana as a platform

sap hana

It is easy to integrate any type of data to SAP Hana platform whether it is unstructured, machine data, big data, Hadoop data or geospatial data. Different types of technologies like business object or data services are used for integrating the data it only depends news essays whether the user want the real-time replication or interested in improving the quality of the data.

From SAP Hana, services of enterprise information management is used that contains Smart Data Integration (SDI) and Smart Data Quality (SDQ) that allows to do modeling & allow to take reports and analyze the data from any device.  Various types of interfaces are there like SQL, Multiple Dimension Expression (MDX), R, JSON and Open Connectivity.

Features of SAP Hana support special type of data and it also includes algorithms that are used for analyzing the business, predictive analyses, text analyses and provides data services as well. In SAP Hana it’s in the hands of the user to decide whether data will be installed in rows or in columns. Deployment options of SAP Hana are On-Premise, Hybrid and Cloud.

sap hana 2
sap hana 2

What are the capabilities of SAP HANA?

What are the capabilities of SAP HANA?

  • SAP Hana can transform the data management and not only this but it also processes the transactions & in-memory analytics on a single copy of the data in order to deliver the real-time insights from the actual data.
  • Application services are also transformed by SAP Hana. It does the quick prototype, validates, builds and delivers smart & modern applications with the help of flexible tools of deployment & development. 
  • SAP Hana uses the advanced data processing for different types of data such as business, text, spatial, graph and series data in a single system for gaining the extraordinary insights. SAP Hana is also capable of transforming the analytic intelligence.
  • Data management is also transformed by SAP Hana that access the data quality where it best belongs to by using the data virtualization, replication and integration. The data is managed across the storage of multi-tier in order to get the best performance.

SAP Hana is growing exponentially and is estimated that it will create many more career opportunities in the coming future. So, you can start your career in this field.

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