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SkyWebcom is the most credible IT institute that offers comprehensive SAP training with hands-on experience & is offered on real-time projects. SAP training at SkyWebcom is offered by 32 years of experienced professionals and they give the training with great lab facilities & high tech infrastructure. This institute prepares thousand of trainees with affordable fee structure which is quiet sufficient for the SAP training course. We provide both hands-on and theoretical knowledge that enhances the skills of candidates and training course is designed by IT experts that cover all the topics of SAP comprehensively and ranges from basic to advance level. SkyWebcom provides weekend classes as well for those who are unable to attend the weekday classes but still want to keep themselves updated and every single aspirant is prepared to face the reality of IT sector.

The course curriculum has been designed by IT experts such that it provides in-depth knowledge of all the concepts and modules of SAP Training ranging from basic to advanced level. Training at SkyWebcom is supervised by experts having more than 32 years of experience in SAP Training. We provide both theoretical and hands-on practical which helps trainees to experience difficult and complex situations. The trainees prepared to face the reality of the IT sector. We provide weekend classes also for those who are working and want to update themselves.

What is SAP?

SAP stands for System Application & Product; it is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) based software. ERP is a tool for managing the information now, you might be wondering about what is Information Management?

Information management is a collection of the information stores it and makes the use of it in an organized way that benefits the enterprise. ERP is a heart & soul of the organization that helps in centralizing all the information in an organization that makes it easier for users to flow the information smoothly. ERP connects the business processes end-to-end and gives a single view of customers which results in providing the better services. ERP has made the team work effective as they have information whenever they require and it has also made the analysis simple since everything is present in the same place.

Above mentioned are some of the things ERP is able to do and it is just a beginning of the ‘Modern ERP’. It can do so much more than this like it connects the customers in a better way with the help of a portal and it can also link to the modern communication tools. The modern ERP is highly flexible, secure and much more than this.

 5 Ms in SAP

SAP is incorporated with 5 Ms that are;

  1. Manpower

SAP Manpower is a kind of process where an entrepreneur does the planning of human resource that has some preferred set of skills. In a business the quantity & quality is a controlling factor of performance & productivity. The planning of manpower helps in various factors such as it helps in selecting the right employee, selects the right number of employees and does procuring of the manpower because without the involvement of man there is no organization.

  • Material

For any kind of production material is the most important element which is required. Quality material, quantity of the raw material and availability of the material are some of its important factors or like what the market value of the particular material is is going on.

  • Method

If you have expensive machines, have good material, number of employees and money for that matter but you are using a wrong method then you’ll get unsuccessful everytime. In order to get top positioned in the market you need to follow a right method. 

  • Machine

If capable machines & equipments are available in an organization then you can easily develop or make use of anything at cheap rates & you’ll be offered with best services. Best services in the sense that production will be done at fast rate more accurately and it will benefit you in the long-run.

  • Money

Here comes another important factor that is ‘MONEY’ without money nothing can be done. In order to run a proper business the availability of funds is must and especially for the capital goods, tools, raw materials and so on. To make the machines run or to hire an employee obviously you’ll need money. To make money you’ll be needing money at first place.

Why SAP?

  • The domain of SAP is based on real time business management system.  
  • SAP has always managed to maintain its number one position in the market and it still manages to be on top. It has been the most preferred ERP software & is still continued with it.
  • The reason of SAP being this much popular is that if compared to other ERP software the financial payback of SAP is very quick and the time required in its implementation is shorter.
  • When compared with other ERP software SAP does not require much customization as it always have novel functionalities as compared to other ERP systems.

SAP Training Course Modules

  • SAP ABAP (Programming):ABAP is an acronym of Advanced Business Application Programming language and since it is a fourth generation language it’s another name is ABAP/4. Initially SAP formed ABAP in order to create the report and later it was evolved as a complete language. The whole SAP ERP software was developed using only one programming language and that is ABAP itself.
    Eligibility : Any Technical degree like BCA, MCA, CS, IT, ECE, with an inclination to coding.
  • SAP BASIS (For Networking, Hardware, DBA and System admin.) : SAP Basis is one of the primary factors which is referred to the administration of SAP system that comprises of several activities like installation, load balancing, configuration and the performance of SAP that runs on SAP ABAP & Java Stack.
    Eligibility : Any Technical degree like BCA, MCA, CS, IT, ECE, with an inclination towards system administration.
  • SAP BI (Business Intelligence) : Business Intelligence or BI is an SAP product that converts a raw data into the meaningful data of the organization. To make a raw data useful for the organization it is stored, applied and is made it clean by using the business logics so that the organization can make decisions for the betterment of the company.
    Eligibility : Any Technical degree like BCA, MCA, CS, IT, ECE, with an inclination towards analytics.
  • SAP HANA (High Performance Analytical Appliance) : SAP HANA is an in-memory database that does the processing of large number of real-time data in a short period of time as in-memory database is faster as compared to other databases. SAP HANA does the processing of that data that is stored in the RAM and this is possible because of the presence of in-memory computing engine.
    Eligibility : Developer :Same as SAP ABAP, with mandatory SAP ABAP
    Admin:Same as SAP Basis, with mandatory SAP Basis
  • SAP FICO (Finance and Controlling) : FI & CO are two modules that are considered as the two most important SAP modules. FI stands for ‘Finance’ which is used to update the external reporting whereas CO is an acronym of ‘Controlling’ which is used for the purpose of internal reporting. Together these modules store the financial transaction data.
    Eligibility : Any Graduate, Post graduate,BBA, B.Com, M.Com, MBA with Finance, or previous experience in Accounts.
  • SAP PP (Production Planning) : SAP PP is an ERP Central Component (ECC) which is highly used by businesses as it helps them in planning the sales, distribution and manufacturing of goods. SAP PP has a major role to play in the manufacturing supply chain and along with this SAP PP incorporates with rest of the ECC components such as Finance (FI), Controlling (CO), Quality Management (QM), Human Resources (HR) and so on.
    Eligibility : Any Graduate, Post graduate, B.Tech Civil or Mechanical, MBA.
  • SAP HR (Human Resources) : SAP HR is one of the modules of SAP which is the largest of all and other two names of SAP HR are SAP HCM and SAP HRMS. This module helps the HR professionals in managing the information about the personnel working in an organization with high efficiency & low cost. They deal number of tasks such as recruitment, travel management, payroll, time management, budget management and so on.
    Eligibility : Any Graduate, Post graduate, MBA with specalization in HR, or having experience in HR, Recruitment, payroll.
  • SAP MM (Material Management) : This is another important SAP module that deals with the inventory management, procurement functions, master data and invoice verification happening in day-to-day business operations. SAP MM looks after the materials and make sure that they are not having a shortage of materials or any type of gap during the chain process of the organization.
    Eligibility : Any Graduate, Post graduate, B.Tech Civil or Mechanical, MBA, or having experience in manufacturing.
  • SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) :Here comes another important SAP module that handles all the processes from the time of order to delivery. SAP SD helps in executing the business process which is used in shipping, selling and the billing of products & services.
    Eligibility : Any Graduate, Post graduate, MBA Sales and marketing or having experience in sales/marketing.
  • SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management): SAP CRM is a tool of SAP which is highly used in the business suite that manages the relationship of customers. The reason of building SAP CRM is to implement the several interactions of customers such as mobile clients, internet or interaction centers which will basically serve customers.
  • SAP S/4 HANA Simple Logistics: Simple logistics of SAP S/4 HANA is comprised of all the important modules that come under the group of SAP ERP Businesses that are supply chain, contract management, manufacturing, demand planning and so on.
    Eligibility : Any Graduate, Post graduate, B.Tech Civil or Mechanical, MBA. Knowledge abour SAP-MM or SD is Mandatory.
  • SAP S/4 HANA for Simple Financial:Its the SAP module that manages the finance and accounting of SAP power-driven by SAP HANA. SAP S/4 HANA for simple financial is developed in order to perform the financial operations & accounting on the basis of live scenarios and it directly reports with the help of Business Intelligence (BI) tools.  
    Eligibility : Any Graduate, Post graduate,BBA, B.Com, M.Com, MBA with Finance, or previous experience in Accounts. Knowledge abour SAP-FICO is Mandatory.

Meet the Experts:

  • The course consultants of SkyWebcom are highly qualified that holds the experience of more than 10 years and are the most valued person of their companies.
  • Trainers of the institute always work on real time projects and remains updated with all the latest IT technologies. They make sure that trainees are under the right guidance and are trained well.
  • The best thing about them is that they always stay connected with other IT industries which are a big advantage for students as they get offered for various openings in IT industries.
Placements: A major talking point
  • SkyWebcom guarantees the placement of every single trainee from each batch and has maintained the 100% record of every given placement from past many years.
  • SkyWebcom has tie-ups with top MNCs like Accenture, Delloite, Infosys, DXC, CTS etc.  Many certified candidates from SkyWebcom are currently working in one of these top MNCs across the globe.
  • After 70% completion of the course candidates are also trained for face to face interviews just to improve their skills and number of interview referrals is provided to the candidates till the final placement takes place.
  • Along with the training regular test and interview sessions takes place and candidates is also being guide for resume developments.
Reasons to join SkyWebcom:
  • SkyWebcom announces with please that around 1000s of candidates are placed in top most popular MNCs in last 15 years.
  • SkyWebcom offers the training with well defined modules.
  • Infrastructure of SkyWebcom is developed where each classroom is equipped with AC and has well-efficient labs where students are provided with computers for practice.
  • Classes at SkyWebcom are highly flexible that takes place on both weekdays & weekends between 9AM to 6PM.
  • Experts of SkyWebcom prepare candidates for interviews with the accordance of IT industries.
  • Along with comprehensive training SkyWebcom also focuses on interview sessions, tests presentations at regular and weekly intervals.
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