Python VS R

Python and R both are the most popular languages among data scientist and data analyst. We can say that both the languages are same but act in a different way accordingly. Lets’ discuss about both the languages briefly.

Features of R


  • R is a programming language with a free software environment which is used for statistical computing and graphics.
  • R language is supported by the R foundation for the purpose of statistics computing. It is highly flexible and a powerful scripting language.


  • Python is another high-level and interpreted programming language which is used for programming but for general purpose only.
  • Python supports philosophy that uses significant whitespace. It is highly preferred by data scientists & data analysts.
Features of Python

Comparison between R & Python

  • The learning process of R is difficult for beginners. People who are not experienced will find it difficult to learn R but once they get the grip they will eventually find it easy. Whereas Python is very easy to learn as it is productive and focuses on the code readability. Even beginners will find Python easy to learn.
  • Talking about the speed, R has low level language which results in the longer codes for simple procedure that causes lower speed. On the other hand Python has a high level language which is used for developing critical & fast applications.
  • The data handling in R-programming is way too convenient for large data analysis, has readily usable tests as well as has advantage of using the formulas. In Python the data handling is done by using NumPy and Pandas.
  • R-programming is new to deep learning that has recently launched ‘Keras-R’ and ‘Keras Studio’. Both the packages provides R interface to Python deep learning package. It has a high-level neural network APIs written in Python that runs on top of ‘TensorFlow’ or ‘Microsoft Toolkit’.
  • R is highly flexible where statistical tests & models are instantly available and complex formulas in R are easily used. Python is highly flexible for developing new applications or websites. Python is also used for scripting a website or any other application.

Pursuing career in R and Python is indeed a great option because there is a huge demand of both the languages in the market with a handsome amount of package. To be a R or Python expert all you need is hardwork and in-depth learning.

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