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SkyWebcom offers in-depth Hadoop Training. SkyWebcom offers Hadoop Training with high tech infrastructure and great lab facilities. This institute prepares thousands of candidates for training at affordable fee structure which is sufficient for Hadoop training course. SkyWebcom not only gives comprehensive training but it also gives 100% placement assistance in top companies.
Course curriculum has been designed by IT experts in such a way that provides in-depth knowledge of all the modules of Hadoop that ranges from basic to advanced level. Training at SkyWebcom is supervised by experts who have experience of 32 years in Hadoop Training. The institute provides both theoretical and practical knowledge that help trainees to face difficult and complex situations. SkyWebcom provides both weekdays & weekend classes. Training is given in such a way that prepares trainee to face the reality of IT sector.

What is Hadoop?

Hadoop is an open-source technology. Technology store and processing the amount of data in any format is done very efficiently by Hadoop. Data volumes going larger day by day with the evolution of social media, considering this technology is really very important.

In Hadoop training, assures the best mining in Hadoop with various concepts like data analytics, big data, HDFS, Hadoop training institute, Hadoop installation modes, Hadoop developing tasks – MaPReduce programming, Hadoop ecosystems – PIG, HIVE, SQOOP, HBASE, and others.

We can assure that Hadoop technology is best known for MaPReduce and its distributed file system- HDFS, Hadoop course use for the term is also used for a family of related projects that retains under the umbrella of distributed computing and large-scale data processing. And in different manner Hadoop-related projects at Apache entered are Hive, HBase, Mahout, Sqoop, Flume, and Zookeeper.

Why Hadoop?

  • Hadoop uses a storage system wherein the unstructured data is stored on a distributed file system. Hence the other tools used for the processing of data are located on similar servers as the data, the processing operation is also catch out at a faster rate
  • The Hadoop software is used as Apache Hadoop technology where software library is a framework that allows for the distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of computers using simple programming models or method for analysis.
  •  Hadoop course is designed to scale up from single servers to thousands of machines, for every offering local computation and storage.
  • In compare of Hadoop course, Apache pig has very easy data manipulation and has many type of  data sources using a additional combine of tool,
  •  Using Hive structural programming language (SQL) users or professionals can use Hadoop like a data warehouse.
  •  Hive allows professionals to work with structural programming language (SQL) skills to query the data using a SQL like syntax making it an ideal big data tool for integrating Hadoop and other BI tools.

Hadoop has been the most useful technology and the most demanding one that requires in-depth learning. SkyWebcom offers the comprehensive training of Hadoop and experts of the institute truly believes in giving the best training and making their candidate eligible for an IT job related to Hadoop. SkyWebcom also ensures the placement of every trainee and has maintained the 100% record of placement from past many years.

Hadoop Course Contents:

  • Hadoop Architecture
  • Learning Objectives – In this module, you will understand what is Big Data, What are the limitations of the existing solutions for Big Data problem, How Hadoop solves the Big Data problem, What are the common Hadoop ecosystem components, Hadoop Architecture, HDFS and Map Reduce Framework, and Anatomy of File Write and Read.
  • Topics – What is Big Data, Hadoop Architecture, Hadoop ecosystem components, Hadoop Storage: HDFS, Hadoop Processing: MapReduce Framework, Hadoop Server Roles: NameNode, Secondary NameNode, and DataNode, Anatomy of File Write and Read.
  • Hadoop Cluster Configuration and Data Loading
  • Learning Objectives – In this module, you will learn the Hadoop Cluster Architecture and Setup, Important Configuration files in a Hadoop Cluster, Data Loading Techniques.
  • Topics – Hadoop Cluster Architecture, Hadoop Cluster Configuration files, Hadoop Cluster Modes, Multi-Node Hadoop Cluster, A Typical Production Hadoop Cluster, MapReduce Job execution, Common Hadoop Shell commands, Data Loading Techniques: FLUME, SQOOP, Hadoop Copy Commands, Hadoop Project: Data Loading.
  • Hadoop MapReduce framework
  • Learning Objectives – In this module, you will understand Hadoop MapReduce framework and how MapReduce works on data stored in HDFS. Also, you will learn what are the different types of Input and Output formats in MapReduce framework and their usage.
  • Topics – Hadoop Data Types, Hadoop MapReduce paradigm, Map and Reduce tasks, MapReduce Execution Framework, Partitioners and Combiners, Input Formats (Input Splits and Records, Text Input, Binary Input, Multiple Inputs), Output Formats (TextOutput, BinaryOutPut, Multiple Output), Hadoop Project: MapReduce Programming.
  • Advance MapReduce
  • Learning Objectives – In this module, you will learn Advance MapReduce concepts such as Counters, Schedulers, Custom Writables, Compression, Serialization, Tuning, Error Handling, and how to deal with complex MapReduce programs.
  • Topics – Counters, Custom Writables, Unit Testing: JUnit and MRUnit testing framework, Error Handling, Tuning, Advance MapReduce, Hadoop Project: Advance MapReduce programming and error handling.
  • Pig and Pig Latin
  • Learning Objectives – In this module, you will learn what is Pig, in which type of use case we can use Pig, how Pig is tightly coupled with MapReduce, and Pig Latin scripting.
  • Topics – Installing and Running Pig, Grunt, Pig’s Data Model, Pig Latin, Developing & Testing Pig Latin Scripts, Writing Evaluation, Filter, Load & Store Functions, Hadoop Project: Pig Scripting.
  • Hive and HiveQL
  • Learning Objectives – This module will help you in understanding Apache Hive Installation, Loading and Querying Data in Hive and so on.
  • Topics – Hive Architecture and Installation, Comparison with Traditional Database, HiveQL: Data Types, Operators and Functions, Hive Tables(Managed Tables and External Tables, Partitions and Buckets, Storage Formats, Importing Data, Altering Tables, Dropping Tables), Querying Data (Sorting And Aggregating, Map Reduce Scripts, Joins & Subqueries, Views, Map and Reduce side Joins to optimize Query).
  • Advance Hive, NoSQL Databases and HBase
  • Learning Objectives – In this module, you will understand Advance Hive concepts such as UDF. You will also acquire in-depth knowledge of what is HBase, how you can load data into HBase and query data from HBase using client.
  • Topics – Hive: Data manipulation with Hive, User Defined Functions, Appending Data into existing Hive Table, Custom Map/Reduce in Hive, Hadoop Project: Hive Scripting, HBase: Introduction to HBase, Client API’s and their features, Available Client, HBase Architecture, MapReduce Integration.
  • Advance HBase and ZooKeeper
  • Learning Objectives – This module will cover Advance HBase concepts. You will also learn what Zookeeper is all about, how it helps in monitoring a cluster, why HBase uses Zookeeper and how to Build Applications with Zookeeper.
  • Topics – HBase: Advanced Usage, Schema Design, Advance Indexing, Coprocessors, Hadoop Project: HBase tables The ZooKeeper Service: Data Model, Operations, Implementation, Consistency, Sessions, and States.
  • Hadoop 2.0, MRv2 and YARN
  • Learning Objectives – In this module, you will understand the newly added features in Hadoop 2.0, namely, YARN, MRv2, NameNode High Availability, HDFS Federation, support for Windows etc.
  • Topics – Schedulers:Fair and Capacity, Hadoop 2.0 New Features: NameNode High Availability, HDFS Federation, MRv2, YARN, Running MRv1 in YARN, Upgrade your existing MRv1 code to MRv2, Programming in YARN framework.
  • Hadoop Project Environment and Apache Oozie
  • Learning Objectives – In this module, you will understand how multiple Hadoop ecosystem components work together in a Hadoop implementation to solve Big Data problems. We will discuss multiple data sets and specifications of the project. This module will also cover Apache Oozie Workflow Scheduler for Hadoop Jobs.

Meet the Experts:

  • The course consultants of SkyWebcom are highly qualified that holds the experience of more than 10 years and are the most valued person of their companies.
  • Trainers of the institute always work on real time projects and remains updated with all the latest IT technologies. They make sure that trainees are under the right guidance and are trained well.
  • The best thing about them is that they always stay connected with other IT industries which are a big advantage for students as they get offered for various openings in IT industries.
Placements: A major talking point
  • SkyWebcom guarantees the placement of every single trainee from each batch and has maintained the 100% record of every given placement from past many years.
  • SkyWebcom has tie-ups with top MNCs like Accenture, Delloite, Infosys, DXC, CTS etc.  Many certified candidates from SkyWebcom are currently working in one of these top MNCs across the globe.
  • After 70% completion of the course candidates are also trained for face to face interviews just to improve their skills and number of interview referrals is provided to the candidates till the final placement takes place.
  • Along with the training regular test and interview sessions takes place and candidates is also being guide for resume developments.
Reasons to join SkyWebcom:
  • SkyWebcom announces with please that around 1000s of candidates are placed in top most popular MNCs in last 15 years.
  • SkyWebcom offers the training with well defined modules.
  • Infrastructure of SkyWebcom is developed where each classroom is equipped with AC and has well-efficient labs where students are provided with computers for practice.
  • Classes at SkyWebcom are highly flexible that takes place on both weekdays & weekends between 9AM to 6PM.
  • Experts of SkyWebcom prepare candidates for interviews with the accordance of IT industries.
  • Along with comprehensive training SkyWebcom also focuses on interview sessions, tests presentations at regular and weekly intervals.
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