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SkyWebcom is the most reputed IT institute of training where comprehensive Google Cloud Training is provided on real-time projects. Google Cloud Training at SkyWebcom is offered with great lab facilities & high tech infrastructure. This is the most credible IT institute where training is offered by highly qualified professionals with 32 years of experience. SkyWebcom prepare thousand of trainees at affordable fee structure which is sufficient for the Google Cloud Training course. Course curriculum of Google Cloud is designed by IT experts that range from basic to advance level and offers the in-depth knowledge of all the modules of Google Cloud. We provide both theoretical and hands-on experience that enhances the skills & knowledge of all the trainees. Trainees are also prepared to face the reality of IT sectors and we also provide weekend classes and have made it easier for those who are working and want to keep themselves updated.

What is Google Cloud Platform?

Google cloud is based on public cloud platform which is estimated as the top-third platforms of cloud computing. It is a group of services that are offered by Google cloud computing that runs on the same infrastructure Google use within that serves the purpose of end-user products such as Google & YouTube. Services that are provided by Google cloud are categorized into three domains that are Compute, Storage and Networking. There are several advantages of Google cloud platform like if compared then Google cloud platform is cheaper as compared to other platforms with an enhanced execution. Google cloud platform allows you to do the live migration that saves lot of time and it has private networks as well. IOT, big data, machine learning and so on are some of the other services that Google cloud platform offers.

Why Google Cloud Platform?

  • One of the major reasons of using Google Cloud Platforms it has a huge community support that remains active all the time. Every query is answered by cloud architect and they’ve also added various tutorials that can benefit you if you are new to Google cloud.
  • Second best thing about Google cloud platform is that it is extremely cost-effective where no upfront cost is there and on an average it is 60% less for many compute workloads as compared to other cloud providers.
  • The platform of Google Cloud Platform is extremely flexible since GCP has a customized feature that allows users to create a machine-type customized as per his or her requirement. Custom machine type lets you create the virtual machines by having an optimal amount of CPU & memory.
  • Google cloud platform is highly scalable that allow the users to do the scaling as per their requirement or need.
  • Along with these features GCP is a platform on which user can completely rely on since it has a tight security that secure every single automatically.
  • GCP is a fully managed platform where all the services are managed by Google itself and allows you to use your own infrastructure which is used on daily basis and it is a fastest platform ever.

SkyWebcom offers the comprehensive training of Google Cloud Platform on the basis of live scenarios with 100% placement assistance. Google cloud platform training is offered by highly qualified trainers who have experience of 32 years. Trainers provide the quality traininng of GCP on real-time projects and course of Google Cloud Platform is extensive with hands-on labs & projects.

Google Cloud Course Content

  • Module 1: Introducing Google Cloud Platform
  • Explain the advantages of Google Cloud Platform.
  • Define the components of Google’s network infrastructure, including: Points of presence, data centers, regions, and zones.
  • Understand the difference between Infrastructure-as-a- Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).
  • Module 2: Getting Started with Google Cloud Platform
  • Identify the purpose of projects on Google Cloud Platform.
  • Understand the purpose of and use cases for Identity and Access Management.
  • List the methods of interacting with Google Cloud Platform.
  • Lab: Getting Started with Google Cloud Platform.
  • Module 3: Google App Engine and Google Cloud Datastore
  • Understand the purpose of and use cases for Google App Engine and Google Cloud Datastore.
  • Contrast the App Engine Standard environment with the App Engine Flexible environment.
  • Understand the purpose of and use cases for Google Cloud Endpoints.
  • Lab: Deploying Applications Using App Engine and Cloud Datastore.
  • Module 4: Google Cloud Platform Storage Options
  • Understand the purpose of and use cases for: Google Cloud Storage, Google Cloud SQL, and Google Cloud Bigtable.
  • Learn how to choose between the various storage options on Google Cloud Platform.
  • Lab: Integrating Applications with Google Cloud Storage.
  • Module 5: Google Kubernetes Engine
  • Define the concept of a container and identify uses for containers.
  • Identify the purpose of and use cases for Google Kubernetes Engine and Kubernetes.
  • Deploying Applications Using Google Kubernetes Engine.
  • Module 6: Google Compute Engine and Networking
  • Identify the purpose of and use cases for Google Compute Engine.
  • Understand the various Google Cloud Platform networking and operational tools and services.
  • Lab: Deploying Applications Using Google Compute Engine.
  • Module 7: Big Data and Machine Learning
  • Understand the purpose of and use cases for the products and services in the Google Cloud big data and machine learning platforms.
  • Lab: Getting Started with BigQuery

Meet the Experts:

  • The course consultants of SkyWebcom are highly qualified that holds the experience of more than 10 years and are the most valued person of their companies.
  • Trainers of the institute always work on real time projects and remains updated with all the latest IT technologies. They make sure that trainees are under the right guidance and are trained well.
  • The best thing about them is that they always stay connected with other IT industries which are a big advantage for students as they get offered for various openings in IT industries.
Placements: A major talking point
  • SkyWebcom guarantees the placement of every single trainee from each batch and has maintained the 100% record of every given placement from past many years.
  • SkyWebcom has tie-ups with top MNCs like Accenture, Delloite, Infosys, DXC, CTS etc.  Many certified candidates from SkyWebcom are currently working in one of these top MNCs across the globe.
  • After 70% completion of the course candidates are also trained for face to face interviews just to improve their skills and number of interview referrals is provided to the candidates till the final placement takes place.
  • Along with the training regular test and interview sessions takes place and candidates is also being guide for resume developments.
Reasons to join SkyWebcom:
  • SkyWebcom announces with please that around 1000s of candidates are placed in top most popular MNCs in last 15 years.
  • SkyWebcom offers the training with well defined modules.
  • Infrastructure of SkyWebcom is developed where each classroom is equipped with AC and has well-efficient labs where students are provided with computers for practice.
  • Classes at SkyWebcom are highly flexible that takes place on both weekdays & weekends between 9AM to 6PM.
  • Experts of SkyWebcom prepare candidates for interviews with the accordance of IT industries.
  • Along with comprehensive training SkyWebcom also focuses on interview sessions, tests presentations at regular and weekly intervals.

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