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Data Science Training In Noida| Best Institute for Data Science Training in Noida

SkyWebcom is one of the best known institutes for Data Science Training In Noida training. SkyWebcom provides Data Science Training In Noida with high tech infrastructure and lab facilities. SkyWebcom prepares thousands of candidates for training at an affordable fee structure which is sufficient for the Data Science training courses and attends the classes. SkyWebcom provides 100% placement assistance in top companies.

The course curriculum has been designed by IT experts such that it provides in-depth knowledge of all the concepts and modules of Data Science Training ranging from basic to advanced level. Training at SkyWebcom is supervised by experts having more than 32 years of experience in Data Science Training. We provide both theoretical and hands-on practical which helps trainees to experience difficult and complex situations. The trainees prepared to face the reality of the IT sector. We provide weekend classes also for those who are working and want to update themselves.

What is Data Science?

With the onset of technology, data has been most popularized form of information for everyone. We expect our algorithms to think like humans and understand the complexities into conversations and make decisions based on that. This is where we insert data science into equation. Take self driving cars for example, we expect cars to drive on a particular path by making decisions by itself. But think of the situation where we can understand a wrong side coming car but application would fail. So our algorithm should be efficient enough to classify wrong side driving cars. This evolution of algorithms to understand human related behavior’s and decide by themselves without the intervention of any human.

Why Data Science?

Data Science is mainly needed for:
a)Better Decision Making
b)Predictive Analytics
c)Pattern Discovery

The different phases involved with Data Science are:

  • Importing data from various sources to our platforms
  • Transforming the data according to given set of parameters
  • Creating Visualizations in the form of reports

Data Science Training Modules

Meet The Experts

  • The course consultants of SkyWebcom for Data Science Training in Noida are highly qualified that holds the experience of more than 10 years and are the most valued person of their companies.
  • Trainers of the institute always work on real time projects and remains updated with all the latest IT technologies. They make sure that trainees are under the right guidance and are trained well. Making SkyWebcom the best institute for Data Science Training in Noida.
  • The best thing about Skywebcom is that they always stay connected with other IT industries which are a big advantage for students as they get offered for various openings in IT industries.

Placements : Major Point of Discussion

  • SkyWebcom guarantees the placement of every single trainee Data Science Training Course from each batch and has maintained the 100% record of every given placement from past many years.
  • SkyWebcom has placed candidates with top MNCs like Infosys, KPMG, CSC, EXL etc. making us one of the top 10 Data Science Training Institute in Noida.
  • After 70% completion of the course candidates are also trained for face to face interviews just to improve their skills and number of interview referrals is provided to the candidates till the final placement takes place.
  • Along with the Data Science Training Course in Noida, regular test and interview sessions takes place and candidates is also being guide for resume developments.

Reasons to join SkyWebcom:
  • SkyWebcom announces with please that around 1000s of candidates are placed in top most popular MNCs in last 15 years.
  • SkyWebcom offers the training with well defined modules.
  • Infrastructure of SkyWebcom is developed where each classroom is equipped with AC and has well-efficient labs where students are provided with computers for practice.
  • Classes at SkyWebcom are highly flexible that takes place on both weekdays & weekends between 9AM to 6PM.
  • Experts of SkyWebcom prepare candidates for interviews with the accordance of IT industries.
  • Along with comprehensive training SkyWebcom also focuses on interview sessions, tests presentations at regular and weekly intervals.

Most Asked Interview Questions

Q1. What are the assumptions for the linear regression?

. Linear regression assumptions are as follows:
• Linear relationship
• Multivariate normality
• No or multicollinearity
• Homoscedasity

Q2. What is the difference between Precision and Accuracy, can you explain in terms of Confusion matrix and Confidence Interval?

Precision and Accuracy
In confusion matrix:
Accuracy= (true positive + true negative)/ all cases
Precision= true positive/(true positive+ false positive)
In confidence interval:
95% confidence interval is more precise, while
99% confidence interval is more accurate.

Q3. In a test, students in section A scored with a mean of 75 and standard deviation of 10, while students in section B scored with a mean of 80 and standard deviation of 12? Melissa from section A and Ryan from section B both have scored 90 in the test. Who had a better performance in this test as compared to their classmates?

Z score
To compare the two scores we need to standardize them to the same scale. We do that by calculating the Z score, which allows us to compare the second score in units of standard deviations.
Melissa’s Z score = (90-75)/10=1.5
Ryan’s Z score = (90-80)/12=0.83
Melissa has performed better.

Q4. What is power of a hypothesis test? Why is it important?

Power of a hypothesis test
The probability of not committing a Type 2 error is called the power of a hypothesis test.
Type 2 error: rejecting the alternative hypothesis, when it is true. Eg: calling a guilty person innocent. Or diagnosing a cancer infected person as a healthy. Or testing a pregnant woman as not pregnant.
The higher probability we have of not committing a type 2 error, the better our hypothesis test is.

Q5. What is the difference between K nearest neighbors and K means?

KNN or K nearest neighbor is a classification algorithm, while K-means is a clustering technique.
KNN is a supervised algorithm, K means unsupervised.
In KNN, the prediction of a test sample is based on the similarity of its features to its neighbors. The similarity is computed based a measure such as Euclidean distance. K refers to number of neighbors with whom similarity is being compared.
K-means is a process of defining clusters or groups, around pre-defined centroids based on similarity of each data point to the other. K refers to number of centroids around which each cluster is defined.