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The first chatbot was created in 1996 which was named  ‘Eliza’. The purpose of creating chatbot is to imitate the conversations made by humans.

A chatbot is a normal computer program that enables the conversation via a simple chatbot interface. While making a conversation with chatbot it will try to understand the ongoing conversation, will understand the intention of the user and will respond accordingly. There are two types of chatbot; Command-Bots and Learning-Bots. In the case of not understanding the text by a chatbot, it will either reply via a long message or will not say anything.

Overview of Amazon Lex

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Amazon Lex is a service that creates a chatbot that results in the human-like conversation. Amazon Lex uses advanced technologies of deep-learning like Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) that helps in converting the speech into a simple text whereas Natural Language Processing (NLP) is used to understand the meaning of the text.

So, Amazon Lex basically helps in developing a chatbot that does not require any knowledge of complex technology. Now let’s have a look at the working of Amazon Lex from one of the use cases.

In this particular scenario, we’ll see how a person can get the bank account information with the help of Amazon Lex.

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·         When a customer contacts the bank in order to get a bank account related information Amazon Lex will understand the request acquired by customer.  

·         After understanding the request Amazon Lex integrates with other services like Amazon Poli where he talks to the customer and asks him/her that whether he/she wants to see saving accounts or account balance.

·         Once the response is given ‘Lambda’ function comes in the picture that combines with various services like Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon SNS which will in return retrieves the information.

·         During all these processes all the logs and event that has That happened till now will be stored in Amazon Cloud Watch.

·         Finally, all the asked details will be presented to the customer and desired results will be shown.

What are the benefits of using Amazon Lex?

·         Amazon Lex gives consistent deploying and scaling.

·         It is a very cost-effective platform that creates bots.

·         Another benefit of using Amazon Lex is that it offers a console that is easy to use and provides predefined bots as well.

·         It employees all the functionalities of deep learning.

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